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      I use mind mapping tools extensively, primarily MindMeister.com and planning tools for more complex work and volunteer projects, specifically SmartSheet.com.

      The mind does not work linearly. Mind mapping allows you to capture your thoughts first and organize later. I am overjoyed to see that my kids learned to mind map in first grade.

      For ADD minds, trying to outline from raw thought is like herding cats. So don’t do it.

      There are plenty of free mind mapping tools out there for your computer, but the principle applies for pen and paper as well. If you have a thought, draw a circle. Write that thought in the circle. Then the next connected thought. Get it all out. And then, if you need to, connect different ideas.

      You’ll see mind mapping used commonly by screenwriters, for example, who are trying to connect many different story elements. If you enjoy connecting wide-ranging thoughts, mind mapping could be an essential tool in your arsenal.With space for her car made, I stopped for a minute and decided I’d make enough space for at least one more car in case anyone came by for visit.

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