Organizing Your Brain

How to maximize your strengths

When I was in high school, I read a book that may have saved my sanity, How to think intelligently. The central idea was to write everything down, to never trust your memory. From that point forward, I always carried a memo pad and pen.

organizing the brain

If you think of all the million thoughts running through your mind, competing for attention, the only way to capture and process the most important items is to write it down. In the words of Saul Alinsky, most of us are just a collection of undigested experiences. Thoughts, things to do, things to remember just become more clutter in the ADD mind.

You need to find places for all those undigested thoughts.

This part of the site will help give you some background on the latest science-driven best practices for helping you organize your brain.

This section is broken into five different areas:

  • Drugs – which covers the basics on different prescription drugs and their basic interactions.
  • Exercise – which covers how exercise impacts brain function.
  • Meditation – which covers how learning to quiet your brain can be an incredible tool.
  • Mind Mapping – which covers using mind mapping¬† to organizing your brain, literally, on paper or via computer.
  • Nutrition¬†– which covers some of the latest findings on nutrition and the brain.




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