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      If you think of your brain as a computer, you know that you need to shut that computer down every now and again to clear out extra routines and restore functioning.

      Your ADHD brain is like a computer running way too many programs.

      You need to shut it down regularly to get back to basic functioning.

      The tragic paradox of having ADHD that shutting down the brain is almost impossible to do.

      I learned to trick my own brain using binaural meditation. I have not measured my own brain waves to determine whether or not the technology works or it just gives something to distract me while I meditate, but the basic idea is that one sound wave enters one ear and another in the other, with the difference being the wavelength of the desired brain state. It works for me, and I have experienced incredibly deep meditative states using the practice.

      I also worked with a hypnotherapist to develop a specific approach to help get me into a quieted mind quickly with a physical trigger of holding my thumb and forefinger together and speaking the words “deeply relaxed” inside my head.

      I also frequently use a tool taught in Brain States, where you bend over, slowly, one vertebrate at a time, come back up slowly one vertebrate at a time, roll your shoulders forward and back three times each, all with the goal of getting your cerebral spinal fluid balanced. And then sit and do eight cycles of breathing in on an 8 count, holding for 8, breathing out on an 8 count, holding for 8 , 8 times. When I had a regular meditation practice of doing that once a day for several weeks., my resting pulse rate got down to about 50 and I lost weight, without changing anything else in my life.

      When I’m short on time, I do a four count. I’ve also taught the four count routine to my kids.

      Advanced practitioners can try 12 counts.

      There are substantial resources out there on meditation, so you can find what works for you.

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      • This topic was modified 6 years, 2 months ago by benewb.
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