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Install a simple hook and install it near your main entry door. Always hang your keys there as soon as you walk in the door.

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The Advanced

Find out more about ADD and some of the psychology and neurology you can use to help you grow.


Living with ADHD people

Find out how to live with people with ADD. Tips and techniques for home and work life.


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Listen to this great Podcast from Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright on procrastination.


Bulletproof Coffee

A friend introduced me to Dave Asprey's bulletproof coffee a few years ago, and we have adapted it to reflect what we use (espresso) and Mark Hyman's approaches. Here's what we do: 8 shots of espresso 4 tablespoons hemp hulls 4 tablespoons coconut oil It tastes so...

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Pomodoro and time management

I just started using Pomodoro today. And let me tell you, it works. Just having that constant reminded is like having a coach standing by my side all the time. I'm personally using Focus Keeper on my iPhone. Lifehacker has a good overview...

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The Latest on Marijuana

You may be tempted by Mother Mary, especially now that it's legal. While experiences vary person to person, I think the jury is still out about whether or not marijuana is a good treatment choice. My own experience, both personally and watching friends, is that the...

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